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Comments on style

From Stephen J. Pyne in Voice & Vision:

Style is not merely decorative or ornamental, any more than are feathers on a bird. Style performs work. Whatever its loveliness or ostentation, it is what allows the creatures to fly, to attract mates, to hide from predators, to be what it is.

From Julian Barnes in Flaubert's Parrot:

Form isn't an overcoat thrown over the flesh of thought... it's the flesh of thought itself.

Rene Daumal:

Style is the imprint of what one is and what one does.

I have to say that I agree with all of them. Style, to me, is what writing is. Words, language, content are all important. But it is style that shows the way in which you shape the thought; style that demonstrates that you have thought and not simply compiled.

I have been doing badly with my NY resolution to write every day. For those who are unaware, at least part of that is due to the fact that my house was burgled and both my laptop and car stolen last week. Thankfully, I have been able to borrow a friend's spare laptop (even if I have to use the dreaded Windows) and am getting a replacement soon. The replacement car will probably take rather longer to get (though thank you to the person whom I cannot remember who asked me if my car insurance would sort it out, giving me new for old - I love that thought but I don't think the insurance companies would love it quite as much!). I hate buying cars but I am dedicated to my purpose and start looking on Saturday.

Work is also insanely busy with huge deadlines coming along. Thankfully I'm down to writing the last (and now accepted as only needing to be very short) paper. I was thrilled today when someone asked me a question about a topic I wrote a paper on and when I answered the question, the other person in my team said, "you are so the expert on that now". Considering it's a topic that about four people in Australia understand and I'm really starting to get my head around, I was rapt!

I've also been reading Richard Dawkins' The Ancestor's Tale and am just in raptures of love with evolution and biology and genetics AGAIN. Sometimes I wish I had pursued that PhD in conservation genetics; if only lab politics weren't so soul-destroying. I am also very peeved that I couldn't get tickets to the Atheist Convention in Melbourne. By the time I was sorted enough to know that I could go that weekend, full weekend tickets were already sold out. I pouted a bit.

But I am going to get back into the writing, I promise! Well, writing that isn't on the topic of reforming the water market in Australia.

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Reforming the water market? Aren't you with Human Services? How did they get involved with the water mrket?

I am so out of touch.
Have you read Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth? Because I suggest you skip it. Parts of it are interesting, but there are several instances where he refuses to expand upon what he said or just directs the reader to an older book. It's like, what's the point of writing what's supposed to be a comprehensive layman's guide to evolution if you're just going to skip all the good stuff?

Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True is a really good book, though. I highly recommend that.
Re the car, once you know what you want use a broker. I did and it saved me $$$$