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The shiny shirt dilemna

Mmm, currently pondering the ethics/sensitivities of providing fashion advice to tranvestites (or possibly transgender - not sure at which point along the scale s/he identified her/himself). On the one hand: s/he has probably got more than enough to deal with, what with the whole gender identity crisis issue and probably having to deal with a whole bunch of shit from unenlightened and generally unpleasant folk. On the other hand: the shoes/skirt/shirt combination just was NOT rocking it. Shiny blue patterned shirt, short black skirt and gladiator heels - no way. Needed good open fronted stilettos to provide the leg-length to balance out the long-sleeved shirt/shortish skirt combination. And I'm really not quite sure about a shirt that shiny. With a bow at the front. Just - yeah.

Still doing better than the lady at the bus-stop this afternoon, because she was straight from Too many bosoms, not enough PINK strapless dress to hold all the bosoms in.

On the whole, I think my current course of providing fashion advice to passing strangers by using my inner voice only is probably the wisest approach.

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