Amanda S (qodarkness) wrote,
Amanda S


At which point do you become crazy dog lady? Because I became proud owner of Dog 1 in August, which has worked out rather well for me. He's a spritely senior fox terrier x named Monty, aged about 11 and the most extraordinarily polite and well-mannered boy one could imagine (okay, there's an occasional issue with weeing on the lounge room floor, but it's tiled and we've sorted it out anyway and it was all my fault). He loves me to a depth and extent that's kind of vaguely disturbing on occasion - I am seriously the centre of his entire universe - but that kind of unconditional love is pretty nice to come home to.

So now dog number 2 is on the horizon. Also a rescue dog, also a spritely senior, but one that's had a bad life and needs a gentle loving home. I'm totally across that.

The problem was that dog number 2 is at a shelter and they have a list of dogs that need housing and now dog number 3 has turned up on their website and I'm trying to talk myself out of getting a THIRD senior dog that needs a loving home in which to spend their remaining years and he's not so spritely but completely beautiful and I DO NOT NEED THREE DOGS.

I'm going to hold out. Seriously. Three dogs is crazy dog lady territory, I know it.

Also, I'm learning to fly. And work has been insane this year. But I'm learning to fly.

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