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Very quick update

Sitting in Arusha, Tanzania, waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to Moshi at 1400. It's currently 1240 and the net is cheap and fast, so I actually have time and capacity to do a post!

So far: well, I think you're all up to date on Cape Town. Then to Botswana, which entailed rhinos and elephants in profusion, the Okavango Delta, a small plane flight that crystallised the fact that I will learn to fly a plane when I get home, Chobe, which was astonishing and on to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Vic Falls is geology gone crazy and wonderful. I flew over them in a chopper, rafted down the Zambezi, walked with lion cubs and ogled the Falls close up. I would have loved to do the zipline as well, but time defeated us there.

On to Madagascar we went. Tropical islands first and lemurs galore, followed by rainforest and yet more lemurs. Aside from the policemen trying to shake a bribe out of us on our last night there (a process made infinitely less terrifying by the fact I speak no French and they spoke no English, so I just sat on the curb and ignored them until our lovely Swiss friend got us out of the situation), Madagascar stole my heart away. Ian, who got food poisoning the same night as the policeman, may be slightly less enthused. Four hours of continuous projectile vomiting will do that for you... I bought a heap of spices and soaps and vanilla, so at least my Macpac smells nice post-Madagascar, even when it's full of revolting dirty clothes. I plan to go back (more than once, I think), so learning French is also on the agenda.

Then back to Kenya, on to the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater. Masses of lions, zebras, giraffes and buffalos (but no leopard, damn it!) and a sudden and unexpected love for hyenas, who I came to think of as short, fat giraffes with appalling table manners but lots of interesting behaviours. Why does no-one ever think to mention how dull lions are? Pretty, but they do just lie around a lot. For hours. While you wait for them to do something. Which they don't. I know I'd think differently if I saw a hunt, but with 18 hours of sleeping a day to get through, the lions had different things on their minds. Oh, and a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. My life is amazing sometimes :)

And now we have a short chance for a rest and regather before getting to Moshi and starting our trek up Kili tomorrow. A week of that, then back to Nairobi for a couple of days of luxury (5-star! Woot!) and then on to the long plane flight home.

I'll let you all know how I go on Kili :)

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