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Hurt. Owies. Not surprising considering that, technically, my immune system is currently rushing to fight off Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Cholera all at the same time.

Have decided that, on the evidence, it's the MMR shot that is causing the ow. Yellow Fever didn't hurt at all, but I now have a certificate that means I shouldn't be quarantined when I return to Australia. I quite approved of this.

Also spent a fortune on malaria tablets and have enough antibiotics to keep a battery farm hen healthy.

The holiday, in case it's not clear, looms! Two months and six days looming to be precise.

Next thing: visas for Botswana, Madagascar and Tanzania and booking internal flights and hotels. And paying for stuff. And training for Mt Kilimanjaro. And making sure I've got everything I need. And buying a septic tank (not so much holiday related, just really badly timed).

Except next thing is going off to read standard contract clauses for our Department because I unexpectedly got attacked by work again today *sigh*.

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